Beginner Tips for Show Jumping

Beginner Tips for Show Jumping

One of the most prestigious and dangerous of equine sports, show jumping has been around since the 1800s. The beauty and skill demonstrated in this sport are often underrated by those who aren’t familiar with it. Horses are ridden and directed to leap over wood horse jumps, sometimes six feet high, and attentive care must be paid to the health and fitness of both the horse and rider. Those looking to get into the sport must carefully research the field and develop a firm knowledge of horses before starting. Here are a few tips for anyone who has considered this aristocratic equestrian art. 

Get Expert Advise 

Check with local stables and riding schools for a seasoned professional to assist in learning to jump with a horse. They will be able to explain what types of horses are good jumpers and they can offer corrections to any style errors a person makes when learning to jump. Taking their council can help hone a person’s skills and improve their riding and jumping ability and the horse’s confidence in its rider. 

Expect to Struggle 

Show jumping is not an easy sport to master. Be aware that failures will happen. A person may end up falling off the horse, getting knocked around, or having a horse refuse to jump. These are all stages in the process of learning this sport and will continue to happen throughout the training process. Many of the struggles experienced when beginning, however, will lessen as the rider becomes more experienced and builds trust with the horse. 

Take things slowly. This is not a skill that can be rushed, for the rider or the horse. Even horses that have been jumping for a while can make mistakes. Both the horse and rider will be required to train regularly and maintain healthy bodies in order to be fit for competition.

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