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Testosterone’s Role In Weight Loss in Men It is unknown to most men that testosterone is not just useful in matters sexuality, but it also affects how the body deals with fat. I say fat deliberately because this hormone targets body fat which in most cases will translate to a decline in the numbers on the scale. Testosterone has a role to play in helping men maintain a toner body in addition to fat reduction. This article aims to shed some light on how testosterone comes in, in the control of weight. First, you should know that testosterone is responsible for making insulin sensitive enough to convert glucose taken in carbohydrate into other useful elements like glycogen, ATP, and even pyruvate. This way, the carbohydrates that are taken in are not converted to fat and taken directly to the fat tissue. Which means that if an individual has low testosterone, they will have less sensitive insulin which results in more fat being stored and at the end of the day they will have an abnormally high-fat mass. It is for this reason that those with low testosterone especially those who are obese are given testosterone as a means of combating the excess body fat. Low-fat diets contribute to the low levels of testosterone. Testosterone is a steroid hormone which means it is made from lipids. To get enough testosterone synthesized you will need sufficient lipids in your meals. So instead of completely foregoing fats in your diet, go for healthy fats such as mono-saturated oils like olive oil and argan oil.
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The loss of weight because of eating less than your body needs is responsible or low testosterone levels as well. When you diet your body will lose fats together with muscle mass, which is why you also need to do resistance training exercises. These exercises restore the lost weight in a way that is healthy for you. There is no reason to fret about this weight gain because it is not unhealthy. It is important that there be a good balance of body fat and muscle mass in the body.
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I know it may seem ironic that those who are obese have low levels of testosterone yet those who lose weight have low testosterone as well. One of the reasons that people become obese is because of low testosterone levels while low levels of testosterone is at times attributed to by loss of weight when muscles are wasted. To be able to be safe, you need to make sure that you have a healthy muscle mass to keep your testosterone levels up.