The Uses Of Scent Work In Working Dogs

The Uses Of Scent Work In Working Dogs

Dogs are incredibly intelligent and sensitive creatures. Their noses can detect scents that most humans can’t. Due to this incredible ability, many working dogs are trained in an area called scent work, where they learn to detect and uncover specific scents. There are many types of working dogs that utilize this special skill in order to do important jobs for their human partners. Here are some examples of the different types of working dogs that might use scent work.

Bomb Detecting Dogs

The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think of scent work is bomb dogs. These dogs are trained to detect certain kinds of bombs, often finding work in places such as schools or airports where bomb threats are a recurring issue. These dogs help maintain general safety and can help prevent a tragedy before it happens.

Search-And-Rescue Dogs

Some dogs are trained to help rescue squads find and retrieve people who have been lost, stranded, or are buried under rubble from the aftermath of a disaster. These dogs risk their lives to help save their human friends from dangerous situations, and the work that they perform helps to save countless lives that might otherwise be lost. 

Diabetic Alert Dogs

These dogs are some of the most incredible types of scent workers. They are able to detect an incredibly subtle chemical change in the blood. This prevents their handler from reaching possibly dangerously high or low levels of blood sugar and having a medical crisis. In order to help train these dogs, canine video production Phoenix MD may be utilized in order to get a closer look at the dogs’ body language and behavior.

It is doubtless that dogs have helped humans in ways that are impossible to repay. Their loyalty and willingness to help are only matched by the incredible abilities they have. It just goes to show that dogs really are man’s best friend. 

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