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What Are Horse Layup Services?

What Are Horse Layup Services?

Horse owners must have a place for the horses to eat and spend the night. However, circumstances may not allow having horses at your residence, so it makes sense to rely on a stable for boarding and layup services. Stables offer different kinds and levels of care so you can determine which will best meet you and your horse’s needs.

1. Routine Horse Boarding

Routine horse boarding usually includes a stall and pasture turnout for your horse and often access to the equestrian facilities on the grounds, such as riding arenas, tack rooms and possibly riding trails. The level of care that stables provide depends on how much time you wish to devote to your horse’s care. For example, you might purchase all the feed and bedding for your horse without the stable’s assistance and do all of the feeding and cleaning chores yourself, or you might have staff fill in for you during busy times of your day, such as work hours.

2. Horse Boarding with Benefits

Riding stables can often assist you and your mount with full boarding service. Full service means that the stable staff typically performs all routine care for your horse, including feeding, grooming, exercising and training, stable chores and maintaining feed, bedding, and required medical supplies for you.

3. Layup Boarding

The terms horse boarding and horse layup can get used interchangeably, but sometimes stables offer significantly different services. Although horse layup services West Chester PA can include the boarding services mentioned above, it can also refer to extra care, sometimes even specialized care, for animals with medical conditions or after surgery. These animals may need stall rest with a supervised recuperation time. Not all stable’s layup services include this type of specialized care, so you will need to check with them for specifics on their offerings.

You will want to ensure that your horse always has the appropriate care. A riding stable with boarding and layup services can provide an optimal solution for whatever levels of care you and your horse require.…

What To Look for When Boarding Your Horse

What To Look for When Boarding Your Horse

Do you have a pet horse that you need to board? Perhaps it is only a temporary setup, or maybe you need somewhere for your horse to live, long-term. No matter what the situation, here are some qualities to look for when you decide to board your horse.

Facilities That Offer a Vet

It’s important that a vet is either onsite or very close by, should an emergency occur. Your horse might need help right away, and the best way for them to get diagnosed and given the assistance they need is for them to see a vet. Since horses can be difficult to transport, someone who can come out and see them and can easily access the area is ideal. Talk to the facility you are looking at to see if they can offer this. 

A Place That is Close To Your Home

When searching for a horse farm Northampton MA, make sure you find one that is close to your house. This makes it easy to go out and visit your horse as much as possible, particularly if you have to board them because your home is not equipped for one. Another benefit of this is if a problem arises, you can easily get out to your pet right away. 

Plenty of Activity for Your Horse

Finally, you want to learn about the activities that are available to your horse. Are there workers or volunteers who can spend time playing with your horse, ensure they are used to being ridden, and give them plenty of time out of their stall to graze or spend time with others? Practicing responsible horse ownership is crucial for your pet. 

If you need to board your horse, make sure you can find a location that can take care of all their needs, from seeing a vet and giving them plenty of activity. Try to find something that is close by so you can visit your pet often. …