Getting To The Point – Pencils

Getting To The Point – Pencils

Various Writing Utensils for Note-takers

Can you picture a day when, after some vigorous note-taking, you find no ink marks on your hands and arms? Probably not. But perhaps you can at least less if you use the right writing utensil.

The following are some of your best choices:

Multicolor Pens

If you must successfully complete a colorful project, this is your best bet. They are available in literally each color across the spectrum. Creativity can be a great way to manage the stress of school. If you sometimes feel overwhelmed by upcoming exams and just want to color your time away, grab those markers!


If you’re in doubt about what writing utensil to use, get a pencil. It ‘s certainly needed for standardized testing and multiple-choice tests. Each time you make a mistake, just erase it and start over.

Ergonomic Pencil Grips

If your job or school tasks require you to use pencil most of the time, you probably hate how it makes your fingers sore at the end of a long note-taking session. This is exactly the issue that pencil grips are meant to resolve. These grips are ergonomically designed, which means they provide the right cushioning for fingers in the position they have to be while you’re writing.

Colored Pencil

There are instances where your last resort is colored pencils. They definitely come in handy for those obscure craft projects we all have to do.

Mechanical Pencil

We have to accept the fact that college classrooms no longer come with pencil sharpeners. If you just hate seeing or hearing lead breaking on a regular pencil, a mechanical switch is your only option.

Fountain Pen

With a fountain tip pen, writing can feel magical. You can use it to write thick letters and calligraphy. Using this pen requires some skill, but you can always acquire it with practice. If you’re one for fancy writing, this is great for you. On top of that, imagine yourself taking notes with a fountain pen in class. Classy!

Permanent Markers

Who doesn’t need a sharpie for labeling notebooks, folders, etc.? Have one in hand. You want to be prepared when the need arises.

Quill Feather Pen

As with the fountain tip pen, class is what you get when you take notes with a quill feather pen. Not to mention you’ll attract the attention of those who are addicted to pens and Harry Potter.

Rollerball Pens

Of course, at the end of the day, when all is said and done, you won’t go wrong with your standard black and blue ballpen. You can take notes with it at any speed or setting. If you’re the type who scribbles your notes during a high-speed lecture, this is your perfect ally.

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