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The Important Ingredient in Marijuana Brownies There are a lot of ways to enjoy and get the benefits of medical cannabis and one of which is to eat it. For one, you can make marijuana brownies. That surely is an amazing treat. It is just as delicious as any original brownie recipe except that this one has some earthy flavors that are not very overpowering. One you have learned to like these treats you will soon find yourself searching the internet for how to make marijuana brownies. Others may be wondering why go through all the trouble of cooking so you can indulge when smoking pot is simple and easier. It is true that there are more than a hundred cannabinoids in marijuana that are effective anyway you consume it. In other words, you will still get the medical benefits of pot regardless if you prefer to smoke it or eat it. Before we proceed, remember that these chemical compounds are easily dissolved in fats and they do not lose their potency that way. On that premise, when cannabis is infuse in butter and oil, which are fats that you use for baking brownies, the body easy absorbs the potent cannabinoids. So what makes pot brownies really different from the normal ones? The secret ingredient is none other than cannabutter, which is butter that has been infused with marijuana. But not all people like to use butter. You can also opt for olive or avocado oils, which are healthier. Remember two important things. One is to avoid GMO ingredient oils or else you make the cannabis loose in potency. The other one is to stay away from Canola oil for the reason that it is known as a carcinogen.
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So before you can start making marijuana brownies, you need to know how to make cannabutter. Do not settle for low quality and cheap ingredients for your cannabutter. Quality is important because you need to preserve the effectiveness of medical marijuana. To start with choose a marijuana strain that has these three standards.
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The most important one is that is must be organic. There are serious health risks from chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Second, make sure that marijuana was grown with the use of natural water sources. Tap water also contains chemicals. The last qualification is the high content of THC versus CBD. If you want a more potent end product, you need one that has more THC than CBD. In conclusion, the best cannabutter or canna-oil makes the best pot brownies. There are two varieties of marijuana brownies-the vegan and no vegan version and it is up to you to decide. The non-vegan version use dairy and eggs. meanwhile the other one will call for coconut oil instead of butter and other vegan substitute to some ingreadients. For more tips, go to this website.