Caring for Your Pet During a Move

Caring for Your Pet During a Move

Whether you’re planning on relocating across town or across the country, a move can be a difficult event for your pet. It’s critical that you set both yourself and your pet up for success during this often long and stressful process. Make sure you take the necessary steps ahead of time so you’re both ready for a smoother transition.

Keep them Safe

It’s very likely that you’ll notice some pet behavior issues houston tx before, during and even after your move. This is to be expected with all of the changes taking place. However, it’s important to protect your pet when they’re more likely to act out due to stress, confusion or fear. Consider having a microchip installed in case they become lost or try to run away. Avoid forcing them to meet too many new people at this time. Also, remove or secure any items that they may be more tempted to get into and eat or destroy.

Bring Comforts from Your Old Home

When you’re settling into your new home, it’s not the time to purchase a new pet bed, litter box or food dish, even if you’re long overdue for some replacements. Keep as many toys, comfort items and necessities as familiar as possible and don’t make any changes for a few months. It can also be helpful to give your pet some items from your old home to help them feel safe, such as an old blanket or pillow that offers familiar sights and smells.

Be Patient

Keep in mind that it will likely take a few months for your pet to adjust to your new home. During this time, they may exhibit some unwanted negative behaviors. Try to offer them extra support, comfort and entertainment during this time. You’ll both be happier in your new place when you can muster some extra patience.

Your pet is an important part of your family, so be sure to give them the extra attention they need during this time. By thinking proactively, you can better prepare yourself for the possible changes in the coming months.

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