A Quick Intro to Horse Competitions

A Quick Intro to Horse Competitions

A horse show is an event that thrills both spectator and competitor alike. Whether it is the flashy but tastefully adorned discount equestrian clothing or the multiple obstacles and wide-open spaces for showmanship, equestrian events are a sight to behold. If you are interested in the competition, there are several things to know about how the event is scored. The pressure is on both rider and beast, with the two needing a close-knit bond of trust and commitment.

The Pleasure Events

If you have a preference for competing based on looks, then this event would be for you. The judges will look mostly at how the horse rides and how comfortable it will be in the show-ring.

The Equitation Class

The bulk of the judging is spent on how the rider issues a command to the horse and how well those commands are obeyed. Dressage is riding activity that demonstrates the horse and riding moving through a set of activities upon command. The key is strong handling and control.

The Timed Events

These are often fast-paced events that get your blood pumping. They include activities like stadium jumping, barrel racing, cross country, and pole bending, although the lineup coincides with whether or not the event is an English or Western competition.

The Showmanship Class

Another event designed to assess the relationship between horse and rider, this event move more slowly. The horse is given a series of commands by the rider, who is walking alongside during the event.

 The Stock Horse Event

Within this competition, the competing pair of horse and rider will be judged on how well a canter or trot are executed. Perfect scores are for teams that maintain perfect rhythm with a perfect movement for a designated period of time.

Horse riding brings pleasure to many lucky owners, but the competition and sportsmanship allow others to enjoy an equestrian experience. Take in a show or enter one to experience a whole new side of horse ownership.

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