8 Lessons Learned: Health

8 Lessons Learned: Health

Sell Test Strips in Your Convenience

Have you found yourself often thinking if it is possible to sell the extra test strips you have in your medicine kit instead of letting them go to waste? If you answered yes, then worry no more because it is quite legitimate to offer cash for diabetic test strips.

Do not be surprised if you will hear about the fact that, most diabetic patients have plenty of extra strips in their medicine kit and cabinets – this is for them to be sure that they have something to use in case of emergencies. There are also those who needed to switch to alternate brand may be because the one that they have are no longer suited for their current condition, or perhaps the meter they have is busted already. Aside from that, there are also cases wherein some patients purchase different brands and then try and test them first to see which ones they would like, and then the others are either given away or left to gather dust (which is something that you would want to avoid if you can still put the extra strips to good use). Whatever the case may be, what is important is that, diabetic sufferers must continuously check their blood sugar in order to properly monitor their condition. In all honesty, opting to get cash for test strips is relatively a better choice rather than tossing an impeccable box of diabetic test strips in the trash.

This only goes to show that if you have extra strips lying around, you can still arrange for them to be sold to others and in the process, get back the money you have spent when you purchased them in the first place.

Nevertheless, once you do decide to sell your test strips, you ought to consider a couple of things first.

First off, the boxes of the strips ought to still be sealed and unexpired. In addition, consider the thought that many diabetics are in need of a good supply of test strips at a lower rate, so you can still earn good money out of it even if it means selling them at a lower rate – which is a relatively better option than tossing them in the trash instead. The third factor here is, the wrapping and the current state of your boxes of test strips play a huge role in getting interested offers from potential buyers, so make sure they are still in great condition and are not gouged, dusty or even torn yet. The last thing here is, the easiest way for you to offer your test strips is through the power of the internet; chances are, you will find plenty of buyers who would be willing to pay a good sum for quality strips so you end up getting your money back – a win-win situation indeed.

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