15 Cat Breeds & Their Personalities

15 Cat Breeds & Their Personalities

The rag doll cat breed is without doubt one of the most famous cat breeds ever discovered. These cats are very often confused with the Russian Blue and the Chartreux. These cats are finest fitted to somebody who has time to work together with them. With a strong resemblance to a miniature Ocelot, the Ocicat is the results of breeding an Abyssinian and an Abyssinian- Siamese cross back in the early 1960s.

While one breed can reside as long as 20 years – three years greater than the longest dwelling canine breed, the Schipperke – other breeds’ lives can end round eight years. Like a number of other cat breeds throughout history, the Japanese Bobtail was thought of a sacred animal again residence.

Seen in all colours and patterns in addition to both lengthy and quick hair, the Munchkin’s legs may be small, however they should not hinder its mobility and the spine should not be affected. This eye-catching cat is noticeable for its silver-blue coat that shines in the light.cat breeds

The distinguishing attribute of this cat, the Egyptian Mau, is its distinct coat pattern, in addition to pale green eyes and a brick crimson nostril outlined in black. Much like the 2 cats in Disney’s Woman and the Tramp” who sing We are Siamese in case you please,” the breed has extraordinary blue eyes and chiseled facial features.cat breeds

It is identified for its blue (gray) coat tipped on the ends of the hairs with silver. Along with their searching talents, Shorthairs are additionally quite affectionate, and for these two reasons they deserve the highest spot in our cat breeds rundown. They’ll also manage properly with other pets including each different cats and dogs.

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