The Art of Mastering Wellness

The Art of Mastering Wellness

The Truths on Sensual Massage

Touching is in itself a form of non-verbal communication. It’s possible to reach a wounded heart with a touch. A gentle stroke can bring down walls of coldness. When used with finesse, touch is a weapon of wonders.

We all have that sensual side that stays alive in us till we die. It’s the part of us that makes us yearn to touch and to be touched. Many personality issues have sprung from lack of fulfillment of this desire right from

Bodily stroking can end with different forms of satisfaction. This gives the difference between sex and sensuality since sex generally ends after orgasm is achieved. However, sensuality entails involvement of the entire person right from their heart, emotions, and feelings. It involves consciously connecting to their partner’s entire being. Sensual touch is not necessarily confined to sex as the end goal. The greatest sense satisfaction can be obtained from the act of sensual stroking.

The beauty of sensual touch is in its way of giving and receiving in return. It’s important as it opens the doors to healing of wounds, restoration, and togetherness. The magic of touch is that goes deep into the heart, enabling one to emotionally explore their spouse.

The ultimate secret of appetitive touch is a mutual sacrificial attitude, where you are willing to please your partner all the more than yourself. It entails putting the interests of your soul mate first. Indignation has been a result among many couples where one felt the sensuality was not being given mutually.

Compared to sex which is limited to same settings and same end-goal, sensual massaging is dynamic, thus making it quite a thrilling experience. Emotions are affected by the different times and settings we find ourselves in. These different moods will set the sessions all differently, thus killing the possibility of getting mundane.

The secret of sensual massaging is the task of your hands to discover. You are at the freedom of your sensual inclination during an appetitive stroking session. The game goes beyond the hands only. Every part of your part should work along your hands. This has proven to spark constant excitement and an eagerness to look forward to the next massage session.

In the same way a baby will feel safe and loved when calmed, soothed and gently rocked, so will a partner end up feeling following a gentle loving sensual massage session. The magic in feeling safe and loved is that it automatically builds trust which unveils deep hearty talks between couples. Where many other interventions might have failed, sensual massages have proved to salvage failing marriages through the art of a new way of intimacy, which brings healing and delves deep into the world of understanding and togetherness.

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